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Milan’s Story
by Disney

This is about a princess named Milan who pretended to be a boy so she could save her father from dying. The funny part is at the end when the grandmother says “Sign me up for the next war!” And Milan’s mother makes a funny face! You would like to read this book if you like princesses.

Where The Crawdads Sing
by Delia Owens

I’m pretty sure I’m the last person on earth to read this book— but I can see why it’s been so popular! Like a mix of Lab Girl and Unsolved Mysteries, Owens’s novel combines ecology with murder in a tale you won’t be able to put down. I think I read the entire thing in just three days.

Zin Zin Zin A Violin Book
by Lloyd Moss

This was a fiction book about music and I like music so I liked it. If you read it using Bookflix, it will even play the sound of the whole band and each instrument playing the music. But there is no singing. Just instruments. But that’s okay. Sometimes just instruments is okay. I would not like a book to sing to me.

Amelia Bedelia Takes The Cake
by Herman Parish

This book is about a bake sale raising library money for their school. It’s funny because Amelia Bedelia makes a big brown “E’ out of brownies!

by Out Of This World

I actually read a bunch of books in this series today but Uranus was my favorite because it is the sideways planet! And I like it’s blue color.

Fair Play
by Eve Rodsky

In Fair Play, Eve Rodsky tries to gamify the division of labor that occurs in each household. The results are a bit hokey, but I did find myself highlighting a few passages to share with my husband and mentioning the title to my sister-in-law. If nothing else, it provides a script to open a a conversation about how you handle chores in your own home.

Last Stop On Market Street
by Matt De La Pena

This book is about CJ and Nana and they take a bus with lots of different people on it. They are going to the soup kitchen to work for people who don’t have food and maybe don’t have homes. This was an okay book. It didn’t like how in the pictures you could sometimes see the character’s eyes and sometimes you couldn’t.

Ann’s Big Muffin
by Leslie McGuire

This book is about making muffins. Two beavers make a muffin. I can red this book all by myself. The beavers learn how to make muffins just like I learned how to make muffins with my mom!

by Disney Books

I read this using my Epic! app. It had the same characters from the Disney movie but the book skipped a lot that the movie had. There was no king or queen at the beginning! You never saw where the witch took the princess, she was just in the tower. That makes me like the movie better.

Sneaky sheep
by Chris monroe

It is interesting, silly and funny.
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